Yes to Life - in Spite of Everything

The first English edition of this 1946 classic was officially published on May 7.
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Yes To Life In Spite of Everything

In March 1946 - just eleven months after his liberation from the concentration camp - Frankl held a seminal lecture series at a Viennese Community College, in which he addressed topics ranging from the value and dignity of human life to the possible ways of filling this life with meaning, in spite of its limitations and transitoriness.

For the first time a selection of these lectures are now available in English.

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Marshall, Edward, and Marshall, Maria::

Wellbeing through Meaning:
Burnout Prevention for the Helping Professional

Wellbeing through Meaning brings awareness to the importance of meaning in preventing burnout and increasing resilience for helping professionals. Burnout and resilience are considered an existential dialectic that can be brought into balance through meaning-centered interventions.

Stefan Schulenberg (Ed.):

Positive Psychological Approaches to Disaster
Meaning, Resilience, and Posttraumatic Growth

This unique theory-to-practice volume presents far-reaching advances in positive and existential therapy, with emphasis on meaning perception as central to coping and resilience, growth and positive change.


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