"Ten Theses about the Person" - A Fundamental Text on Frankl's Conception of the Human Being

In a keynote lecture presented in 1950 Frankl laid down his views on the human person in the concise format of a number of propositions. The text of his talk was incorporated in the 1951 book "Logos und Existenz".

With its clarity and compact structure "Ten Theses about the Person" is one of the core texts in Frankl's work. To make it accessible also to non-German readers we here present an English translation.

Conference on Moral Injury:
The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre affiliated with the University of Ottawa is offering a full-day virtual conference on Moral Injury. The program includes a presentation and workshop on the applications of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis in the management of moral injury held by Professor Edward Marshall.
March 31, 2022

University course in Logotherapy:

La Universidad del Norte en Tucumán ofrece ahora un curso de posgrado sobre "Fundamentos y aplicaciones de la Logoterapia". Los conferenciantes son, entre otros, María Yolanda Véliz de Esper y Roberto Mucci.

New Books


Maria Marshall & Edward Marshall:

Viktor E. Frankl's Logotherapy and Existential Analysis: Theory and Practice

The book follows the guidelines for the presentation of a curriculum for students of LTEA according to Dr. Lukas (2013 Study Guides) that are reflected in her Textbook (2000 and 2021). It relies on books by Frankl, Lukas and Fabry as well as the work of other clinicians and researchers in the field. The book details the historical background, main tenets and concepts, measurement instruments, research findings, existential analysis, methods, narrative logotherapy, other methods, research findings on resilience, posttraumatic growth and self transcendence, structured meaning-centered interventions, examples and illustrations in clinical practice and everyday life.



Alexander Batthyany:

Viktor Frankl and the Shoah: Advancing the Debate

This book explores the intellectual and political biography of Viktor Frankl. It focuses on his life and works and political thinking from the late 1920’s to the years in Nazi-occupied Vienna, and finally the time in the concentration camps Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, and Dachau. It presents new archival findings on Frankl’s involvement with the Austrian Zionist Movement, his attempts to sabotage the Nazi “euthanasia” program, and his scathing critiques of the NS-Psychotherapy school around Göring and his students, published during the years before Frankl’s deportation.
The book addresses recent attempts by the author Timothy Pytell to portray Frankl as a “fellow traveler” of the Nazi regime and corrects the fundamental errors and misrepresentations in Pytell’s work. It thus offers important perspectives on the intellectual history of ideas in psychology and existential psychotherapy, and serves as key material on the development of psychotherapy before and during the Holocaust.

Miguel Ángel Molla M.:

Identidad-Existencia en logoterapia. Psicoterapia de integración centrada en el significado

Este libro se enfoca en presentar un conjunto de aportes de estudios y bibliografía comentada de de investigación de logoterapia y psicoterapia orientada al sentido en países de habla hispana. Estudios que han contribuido a crear tratamientos eficientes y son una revelación, como un tratamiento existencial más humano.

Viktor E. Frankl:
The Unheard Cry for Meaning / Portuguese

A Voz que Grita Por um Sentido. Como redescobrir a dimensão humanista da psicoterapia.

O autor procura (re)encontrar o que temos de mais humano em diferentes expressões da cultura humana. Percorre a filosofia, a moralidade, mas também temas fulcrais para a psicologia , como o sexo ou a literatura, à procura daquilo que faz de nós humanos. A Voz que Grita por um Sentido quer devolver um rosto humano à psiquiatria e evidenciar o que cada um de nós tem de único e individual. E reforça a crença do autor de que num mundo confuso, só em nós próprios encontraremos um farol e um rumo para a vida.

Viktor E. Frankl:
The Feeling of Meaninglessness / Portuguese

A Falta de Sentido. Um desafio para a psicoterapia e a filosofia

The anthology "The Feeling of Meaninglessness," edited and commented by Alexander Batthyany, is now available in Portuguese/Brasilian.