5th International Congress on Logotherapy & Existential Analysis


Valencia, Spain | September 9 - 12, 2020







Terminal lucidity: Return to say farewell

Conference Lecture by Alexander Batthyany
British Psychological Society, London | April 25, 2020



New Books

Yes To Life In Spite of Everything

In March 1946 - just eleven months after his liberation from the concentration camp - Frankl held a seminal lecture series at a Viennese Community College, in which he addressed topics ranging from the value and dignity of human life to the possible ways of filling this life with meaning, in spite of its limitations and transitoriness.
For the first time a selection of these lectures will now be available in English.

Michael Holzer & Klaus Haselboeck:

Mountain and Meaning
(German edition)

In the mountains, Viktor Frankl was »just Viktor,« as his wife Elly put it. Not an exceptional alpinist on the side, but a true friend of the mountains, with heart and soul.

Michael Holzer and Klaus Haselboeck trace Frankl by climbing the routes named after him on the Rax, Peilstein and in the Dolomites.



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